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Iron Filtration

   Experience the Joy of Stain and Sulphur-Free Laundry, Sinks and Appliances. Save Money and Water; Enjoying Better Water Pressure, Increased Flow, and Longer Life!

* More details in the WTTR.CA Iron Filters brochure.

  Solutions and specifications for Iron Max and SideKick iron filter systems.

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IRON MAX Iron Filter
No Chemicals, Salt, or Chlorine.

   Save Money and Water, enjoying better pressure, increased flow, longer life!
NO CHEMICALS: The filter material is not changed chemically during the process so will last indefinitely!
KEY ELEMENT: Pulls oxygen from the air around us so no additional cost! 
EFFICIENT and SAVES ELECTRICITY: The replenishing process is largely driven by the water pressure in your system, so the Iron Max running cost is loonies a year!

Single Tank Aeration Filter, with Ozone Complete™

   THE PROBLEM: Anybody experienced with using air induction filters have seen what Iron and Sulfur can do to the internal movable parts of control valves. The SIDEKICK™ is ideal for trouble water including Iron, Sulfur, Iron bound Organics and Manganese.
Featuring the Industry’s first single tank aeration filter with the control valve separated from the filter tank.
   THE SOLUTION: The SIDEKICK™ prevents oxidation from taking place within the control valve and will be sure to keep all movable parts free of heavy fouling & iron build up.