Why Buy From INC?

"Enhancing the Quality of Your Water, Enhances the Quality of Your Life!"

Water Treatment Systems are NOT created equally!
Your water problems are unique - your system should be too.

Why choose INC - "Your Water Softener and Purifcation Specialist"?

First and foremost, INC is NOT a Franchise. It is owner operated by a skilled, professionally trained plumber and certified water specialist (CWS) and has been a member of your community for over 30 years. It is critical that the right water treatment system and equipment, including accessories, are matched to your specific needs. We don't believe in "one product fits all solutions", once your needs have been properly assessed, any of the INC. products can be customized and sized proportionately, to provide your ultimate solution, the first time!

The Internet is fine for Research but Buyer Beware!

When you invest in your water treatment system the first most critical component is UNDERSTANDING water. The second is UNDERSTANDING what you need specifically and why. Experience and knowledge are key to getting you the right system. Working with a Water SPECIALIST who you can talk to, ask questions and receive advice from is the best way to ensure you get the system that's right for you and your family.

The specialists at INC. are happy to introduce you to our products from the comfort of your home and we'll even offer advice if you ask - but we won't sell you anything online. The owner is a master plumber who understands the industry and an active member of the CWQA (Canadian Water Quality Association). They will make an appointment to listen and ask questions, test your water and make other analysis: volume, pressure flow etc. before recommending the right product for your unique situation.

In our experience with BIG BOX - it's all about the "sale". There are no specialists. They purchased a system from a sales person who knew little or nothing about water treatment issues. They may do their job well, be professional and courteous but it has nothing to do with whether the system they sold you will fix your problem.

The system may seem like a great deal but BUYER BEWARE! Retail giants change their suppliers on a regular basis, that may affect the accessibility for service and parts!

The top 3 strikes:
• They know nothing more than what their sales literature and industry hype tells them.
• They are usually more motivated to get you to join their downline than provide a solution to your water issues.
• Prices tend to be over inflated to cover off the various levels involved.

National chains and franchises are more concerned with having their sales people memorize a script designed to sell everyone the same RO system.They range in price from $3,500-$4,500. You are paying for commissions, advertising and other overhead and worse - may not even need what all they are selling. However, consult with YOUR LOCAL WATER SOFTENER AND PURIFICATION SPECIALIST you will purchase a better system, customized for your specific needs, at half the cost. No one water problem can benefit from a cookie cutter solution.

THE NUMBER 1 FAILURE OF WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT: mis-application, improper equipment size.

Save your money and peace of mind. What works for your RV, boat or kitchen sink is not the same as a house hold system or vice-versa. Choose the right system for the right purpose the first time. An accredited professional, water treatment specialist will give you a better product, reliable service and fitted properly for peak efficiency that will give you years of worry free, quality results.

REPUTATION: INC. has a solid reputation for experience and quality results. Family owned and operated for over 30 years, they have a retail store front that you can view hands on products and accessories and speak to a live person with a vested interest in keeping you happy. They support the North American economy by buying from North American manufacturers and stand behind parts and service availability.


They have service warranties from the manufacturer as well as their own. They guarantee their installation and any service calls for the first year so it costs you nothing. Try finding that online.


Choose INC. for peace of mind, satisfaction, reliably installed equipment the first time for quality water ALL the time!.


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