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30 years in the Industry and he has seen it all.

A Master plumber by trade, Sheldon owned Crawford's Plumbing and after a few years repairing various damages related to water quality issues and listening to his customer's lamenting that there was nothing that worked, Sheldon decided it was time to transfer his skills and experience to the water treatment industry. He would fill the gap in quality water treatment solutions and offer families better, more economical options. That was when he established Water Softener Purification Specialist (WSPS) and today evolving the business and introducing INC

Sheldon is an active member of the Canadian Water Quality Assoc. (CWQA) and a Certified Water Specialist (CWS). His reputation in the water industry is well-known and respected. He is often referred to by many as the "Rural Water Specialist" and the "Water Doc" because of his vast experience in urban and rural water needs. It has also earned him an identity as being the trusted industry go-to source for facts and products when sourcing is needed by other water treatment professionals. He enjoys long-term relationships with his customers because of his passion for excellence, experience and profound understanding of the products available. He saw the need for someone to step up and fill the gap between available technology and consumers.

It was that commitment to his customers and water quality that inspired him to develop customized systems and manufacture products unique to the specific needs of the home-owner.

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