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Logi Max

The Logi-Max  system is perfect for rural water treatment where Chlorine may not be not a concern but Iron and Maganese are. Read More  (see also IRON MAX)

Logi Max

Quality you can FEEL!

A difference you can TASTE!

Enjoy enhanced quality water systems.

Advanced water treatment utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest efficiency, highest capacity system available today.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: covers the salt tank, resin tank, ion exchange resin, and valve body for a lifetime. All other parts including electronics, are covered for 5 years.
  • High Capacity Premium Blended Ion-exchange Resin: assure a continuous supply of softened water with a minimum of salt usage and no hardness leakage. Osmonics Logix 268 valve, Gold Seal certified, Meets or exceeds the NSF/ANSI 44,61,372 Regulations and CA reuirements.
  • Smart Electronics: save salt and water by monitoring your last 28 days water consumption, automatically adjusting to changing water usage. No guesswork or reprogramming.
  • The Big Picture: LCD readout displays large, high contrast, numerals and icon graphics and displays remaining capacity so you'll know how much water is available until next regeneration cycle.
  • NOVARAM Smart Memory: assures that all critical information is stored, even during a power outage!
  • 12-Volt Electrical System: uses less than a toonie ($2) of electricity per year and poses little danger of shock.
  • Fully Programmable Cycles: the system can be tailored to most water conditions.
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill: the injectors and the Brine system are kept clean to prevent expensive service calls.
  • Just One Moving part in the Water Stream: there is virtually no maintenance and assures years of trouble-free service.
  • DuraFlow Valve Discs: seat in a vertical position and will not etch. This valave will not leak because the valve seal is held by water pressure.
  • High Flow Rates of up to 25 GPM: guarantees that you will get maximum water pressure with low pressure drop, meaning that you will have enough to last through that long shower.
  • Logi-Max System: may be regenerated with either salt or potassium

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