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Logi Max Pro

Logi Max Pro - The logical choice!

Quality you can FEEL!

A difference you can TASTE!

Advanced water treatment utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest efficiency, highest capacity system available today.

It may be in the water but

Enjoy enhanced quality water systems. Say good-bye to chlorine.

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Front Line Protection:

Logi-Max Pro is truly the most innovative quality-water treat­ment system and your family's front line of protection against hardness elements, iron, rust, sediment, and a variety of other substances in­cluding chlorine and various bad tastes and odours. It reduces and removes various potential chemicals that may be present in your source water BEFORE it enters your home.

Cleaner Dishes and Appliances, Softer Clothes, Shinier Hair, Healthier Skin:

Hard water is the main culprit that affects everything from the functionality of your plumbing to the softness of your clothes and the cleanliness of your home. The Logi-Max system enhances the quality of water throughout your home, from the bathroom and shower head through to the kitchen, from your drinking water to water for your ice cubes!!! From the laundry room to the basement or garage.

Less Fuel, Less Energy Consumption, More Savings:

By reducing hard water, mineral build-up and a variety of other substances, the Logi-Max system refines the lifeblood (water) of your home.

  •  Improved water flow and pressure because of less build-up in your pipes.
  •  Increased Water Heater Efficiency 22% to 29% with less mineral scaling.
  •  Increase the life-span on dishwashers, washing machines and other indoor/outdoor appliances.

Better for the Environment!

Our patent pending, innovative water treatment systems saves up to 50% in salt and water use compared to competitors and conventional mechanical time-clock systems.

"Enhancing the quality and taste of your water - Enhances the quality of your life!"

The Water Quality Association has to say about chlorine...
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Logi Max Pro


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