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Zebra 2-190 Hi Capacity Twin Filter System

Learn more about the threat posed by Zebra Mussels

This all new designed system is meant for ease of maintenance Hi Flow BIG pump situations!

This can be custom tailored to suit any pump size & configuration. Unit as shown was designed to house a Myers 5Hp - 20 GPM Sub-mersible pump.
Its unique design utilizing Heavy walled Schedule 40 PVC Pipe makes for this to be of the most durable systems available.

Its unique pump seal is simply one of the best systems on the market, making this a water tight seal that is easily assessable and removed for any pump replacement maintenance issues.

The design of the system allows for good cross flow over the pump motor in keeping it cool and running properly with its up-right position. While still allowing good exposure for its back-washing / filter cleaning capabilities.

With a dual or greater pressure tank assembly we can cause a back wash - flushing of the filters immediately after every pump cycle. Thus aiding in keeping the filters free and clear of debris and sediments.
Zebra Filter Brochure inc.

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