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Twin Tank Softeners

Alternating Duplex Softening System

- Introducing the 2300 seriesEfficient - Effective - Affordable

Plug-n-Flow Manifold

Plug-n-flow manifold

• Bypass One Tank in Service

• Larger than competitor's  One Tank on Reserve

• You determine the Regeneration cycle so you will always have water when you need it!

• 24 Hours a Day Soft Water Delivery

Enjoy Softer Skin and Hair, Brighter Laundry, Less Soap - More Lather. Cleaning is so much easier and you'll need less chemical cleaners. Reduce spots and etching on dishes, fixtures and appliances will last longer.

Benefits: Soft Water 24/7

• Up to 30% Savings in Water & Salt Usage - rechargeable - no reserve necessary
• Affordable and Economical for Any Household
• 24/7 Continuous Soft Water
• Easy Installation with New “Plug-N-Flow”™ Manifold
• Just Dial in the Hardness and Walk Away
• LED Lights Indicate Service/Regeneration
• Doesn’t Even Need to Know the Time of Day
• 9 Volt Battery Back Up Remembers all Data in a Power Loss
• Soft Water Regeneration/Refill

Unique water savings feature:

If in backwash cycle during a power failure, valve motors will move to
shut off position to cut water from continuously flowing into drain.


• One Master valve/shuttle valve
• Simple and efficient operation
• No time of day clocks required
• Continuous flow rate read out
• Unit in operation indicator
• Gallons remaining
• Calendar day override feature
• Fully adjustable

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