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Choosing the right system is critical for optimum performance and results. You are making an investment in the quality of your water so you want to ensure that the right system is chosen and installed correctly for peak performance. If the water is not analyzed correctly or the system is too small or too big, or installed incorrectly, can all have a huge impact on the efficiency and satisfaction you experience with your water treatment system!

WTTR.ca is the water treatment company of choice because they are the water softener, purification specialists! They are often called in to fix others' install mistakes.

They know the area and they know their equipment.

• In town are those who want better tasting water and longer lasting appliances.

• Rural Homeowners have other unique issues with well water including safety and iron staining.

Well Water Research Study - Protect Your Family. What Rural Homeowners Need to Know. WELL WATER Research Project

UV Water Treatment. Guard against pathogens, bacteria, viruses and parasites that may be in your drinking water. Ask about our in-store special for your Ultraviolet Water Treatment Solution. No Chemicals. Easy Install. Practical. Less expensive alternative to chlorine systems.

The Water Softener Purification Specialists have been providing solutions for both town and rural home owners and specialized in problem water solutions for over 30 years. They understand the individual issues and provide the best solution, doing it right the first time! Providing Wholesale and Retail Water Treatment Products for any water concern to both residential and commercial clients. They have custom manufactured systems that will address your specific needs.


WTWQA certifiedTR.ca - formerly known as Water Softener Purification Specialist, is a family owned and operated business leading the way with innovative products and providing quality water treatment solutions to families for over 30 years. The owner, a Master Plumber by trade and Water Quality Assoc. Certified Water Specialist, is Sheldon Crawford. AKA "The Water Doc!"


• THE MANDATE: Enhancing the Quality of Your Water, Enhances the Quality of Your Life!

• THE MISSION: Provide quality, reliable water solutions for any problem.

• THE PROMISE: A great customer experience, the right product installed correctly for optimum results.

• THE WARRANTY: One year on Installation, Parts and Service see in-store.

Why people Love WTTR.ca

WTTR.ca designs, exports and sells large reverse osmosis, high purity and whole home drinking water systems to developing Nations.


WTTR.ca Inc.
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